The History of Phonogeist

Jack Resweber, a New Orleans based producer, artist and designer, has been creating music as Phonogeist for the past 15 years. Phonogeist emerged from the early tape experiments of Jack's childhood, capturing strange noises on a tape recorder as early efforts in sound collage. The rediscovery of these recordings was the main influence behind creating the project several years later. Shaping these ideas into the form of electronic music has created a sound that can only be described as Phonogeist.

In 2004 'Dream Recorder' was released digitally as the first official phonogeist album, later being combined with older works as a free download entitled 'Interpretations'.

'Distance Collapsing', was released in 2011, taking previous ideas further into the realms of dark electronics and developing a much more complex sound.

A year after the release of Distance Collapsing, Phonogeist was discovered by London label 'The Bohemian Club' and a selection of previous and recent works were compiled for a 4-track EP 'Channel Transference which was released in early 2013'.

In September of 2016 Phonogeist released it's third album 'Postmodern Sunsets'. Fusing elements of dark 80s synthwave and hauntological retro-futurism, Postmodern Sunsets creates an atmosphere of dreamlike nostalgia from parallel worlds. Out now on Jack's own label, Parallels.

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